The award-winning Centor Twinpoint locking system is the first folding door-specific lock for multi-panel door systems up to 3m high.

The locking mechanisms are rebated into the edge of the door panel. Combined with a low profile handle, the system provides an elegant and discreet appearance.

The Centor Twinpoint is an easily operated and secure alternative to dropbolts. The low profile, single-action handle disguises a robust mechanism with the unique strength required for folding doors. The LT Twinpoint for wood doors and LA Twinpoint for aluminium doors are available.

The Centor Twinpoint’s compact design preserves the door stile’s integrity and is completely accessible and serviceable once installed. Wood door stiles can be routed simply using Centor’s custom router bit.  

A simple handle rotation drives a 25mm throw into the head and sill, providing a high level of security. 

For people with mobility impairments, the Centor Twinpoint offers the convenience of a central door handle operating top and bottom bolts.

The low profile handle allows any folding system to stack neatly in a fully open position. The locking mechanism is fully concealed within the door stile so doors are free from face-fixed dropbolts. 

Finishes and materials
The Twinpoint is made from durable, corrosion-resistant materials. The stainless steel door furniture is available in brushed stainless steel, PVD brass or PVD bronze finishes. 

The aluminum door furniture is available in powdercoat black, white, bronze and natural. 

Twinpoint Specifications  
min door thickness 38mm
max panel height 3000mm
security non-keyed, keyed
throw length 25mm
applications folding, French and sliding doors

Tested to 100,000 cycles at maximum configuration ensures smooth and reliable working order beyond the 10-year warranty period. 

Twinpoint locking systems have also been exposed to dust, mud, sand and corrosive atmospheres to ensure they stand up to real life use, including exposure to salt spray for seaside installations.

Warranty and Maintenance
Centor Twinpoint locks have a 10-year warranty and will operate trouble-free with the minimum of maintenance. Components should be regularly cleaned, removing any dirt, grit or salt deposits. External components can be cleaned with a weak detergent solution.