Folding doors open up entire walls, seamlessly bringing the outside in, creating vistas and allowing light and fresh air inside. Bifold doors stack to the sides, and have no posts or fixed door panels to block views or breezes.

The hardware system that moves your bi-folding doors is as important as the doors themselves. Choosing doors with a Centor system means your folding doors will move with the best.

Centor systems are reliable, secure and weatherproof, offer fingertip operation and complete design freedom. Learn more at our Folding page.


The problem of screening large openings has been solved with Centor’s range of retractable screens.

Centor's screens for bi-fold-scale openings unobtrusively protect against insects, disappear when not in use, and are a breeze to operate. Centor has a screening solution for just about any window or door type, including folding doors.

Centor screens are unobtrusive and robust, offer fingertip operation, and are the best solution for screening large openings. Learn more at our Screens page.


Centor’s retractable blind combines privacy, thermal insulation and UV protection with an unobtrusive design and smooth operation. Choosing a light fabric also allows the blind to double as a projection screen.

The system can combine a blind and insect screen in a single unit, to help you control light, temperature, privacy and insects in your home at all times.

This versatile and robust blind system operates with just a fingertip, and is a energy efficient solution as it can improve your home's thermal performance. Learn more at our Blinds page.


Centor has a range of locking accessories that are the perfect accompaniment to its folding sliding door systems. Designed with the unique requirements of folding doors in mind, Centor's locking accessories are stylish, secure and simple to use.

The range includes the award-winning Twinpoint lock, and dropbolts in sizes, shapes and finishes to suit any door or window. Centor's magnetic door catch elegantly fastens open folding doors, stopping them from spreading.

Learn more about our locking accessories at our Folding Door Locks page.